In last couple of decades, World over, while Nations & Companies were busy chasing Growth, in most cases, it took place at the Cost of Environment. Therefore, today’s World is Struggling with Pollution, Climate Change, Water Crisis, as well as Resource Crisis. The Results of which we are witnessing are: Severe Heatwaves, Harsh Winters & Natural Disasters!
In today’s scenario, we are Taking Much More from our Environment than we are giving back!. Nevertheless, we all know that unless we Do Something about the Dwindling and Deteriorating Natural Resources, and the Environmental Damage which is being caused, we are going to have a Difficult Time functioning the same way we do now, for the only sought after Factor- Economic Growth!
Given Accessibility to some Temporary Solutions, we may think that what’s happening is ‘Not Our Problem!’, however...

Why should I care?


The Basis of all Life is Nature. It is only when Environment will be Protected and Conserved, can we ensure Ours and our Future Generation’s Survival!

Earth’s pool of Natural Resources is getting Polluted and Depleted; and without that we can not even imagine a Good Quality of Life, let alone getting through A Day!

Because of which, there is Climate Change and Global Warming, which affect Human Health!

Alike us, our Future Generation’s Survival and Existence depend on the Availability of our Resources, however, seeing the present day-Issues, a Better Life for Posterity has become a Question Mark!


Eco Live

Thereby, to evade a Catastrophic Future, and ensure our Well-Being; it becomes our Responsibility to Respond Accurately, when we have already been shown the Warning Signs; & to Do our Bit to Avert such Aggravating Crisis;

Which is where We step in...

Ecolive Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a company specializing in ESG Consulting/Solutions space and provides Varied Services with an Objective to Improve ESG Score. We are also one of the Leading companies across India for Rainwater Harvesting Planning and Implementation and have Helped a Lot of Corporates for their in-house as well as CSR funded Community Rainwater Harvesting Projects & have Successfully Executed Varied kinds of Water Conservation Projects across Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, NCR etc.Eco Live
Let’s look further how do we do it...

Our Impact

This is how we have been driving sustainability


Sites Tapped


Liters of water


States Covered

And with our projects in place, countless living beings and each and every shareholder has directly benefitted with a positive impact on their lives.

Our Stories

Why Ecolive-in’ for CSR

Environment, Nature or Ecology- whatever we may call it; is a Gamut which affects and Impacts us and the very Life, at the most. A Healthy Ecosystem is synonymous to ‘Life’ itself! Thereby, Living Ecologically is the Only Way to lead our Lives, run our Businesses and ensure Future Survival. And Ecolive is synonymous to Living Ecologically, thereby why not give this Gift-of-Life itself when we Contribute to our communities, catering our Corporate Social Responsibilities…

How to solve Water Problem

It’s believed that the Third World War will be for Water. Water is the Most Important Resource and Fundamental to Life. However, in current scenario, there are Impeding Water Crisis everywhere, where at one end we are witnessing Severe Droughts and the other end our cities are suffering Urban Flooding. This crisis, due to its Crucial Nature percolates down as Every Individual’s Problem! Look how you can solve the daunting 'Water Problem'…

Tired of these Problems of Water Shortage, Water Quality & TDS, increasing energy bills & fuel prices, Air Quality

The Air we breathe, the Water we drink, the Soil our Food grows on, are all the Facets of our Concern today, and all- Everyone and Each one of us Need these and Can’t Live without these, so let’s look what We Can Do with the blaring Warnings alarming onto our Lives now…